Sams Photolab


All our regular prints are called C-Types - and are printed onto Fuji DPII paper with our Fuji Fontier 570. However, unlike most of the low cost labs we run your files through full production software which "tweeks" your file, adds custom profiles for the printer and a small amount of sharpening.

The default paper is Lustre - and its available in all sizes. We also have gloss in 10" and 12" 

Pearl ( a super high gloss with a slight mother of pearl look to the whites - hence the name) This paper also has the widest colour gamult of any chomogenic (C-type) paper available and the best blacks (dMax). Its available in 12" and 5". We can print all sizes by triming - is a premier price.

Kodak Canas Effect. This is new on the market - the paper has the feel of Canvas - and the texture really adds to the look - particulary if you offer canvas wall prints. It also makes any scans look poor - so its ideal for Schools, Nurseries and Instore. Currently available only in 10" - again ideal as most of our package printing is done on 10" paper.

Currently all prints on this site default to LUSTRE - other surfaces will appear shortly